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My Process

For my larger paintings, I work mostly with clear wax and usually create texture in the top most layer. The texture is hard to capture with photography, but when you stand in front of the paintings, the interplay of the color and lighting within the texture is dramatic. Not to mention the feel of the paintings... litterally running your hands over the textured wax. It's addictive.

I spend days slowly building up layers of color. While the process of adding and subtracting color is time consuming, it does create beautiful blends that can't otherwise be achieved.

For Open Studios events, I like to have several paintings “in process” on the wall.  That way I can show people the different phases of making the pieces.  I use paint sticks over the wax base which washes off with soap/water, so I always let people fingerprint on the demo painting.



Alex Mitchell May 29, 2014 0 tags (show)