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Studio Pics

 During the last Open Studios, someone commented that nothing says "come on in" [to the studio] like my "Hello Sailor" painting.


Attempting to organize my workspace for Open Studios. It takes at least a week to get everything varnished and hung.  Not to mention hiding all my supplies and cleaning up the work tables. 


Ok... yeah, I'm a bit of a slob.  I was astrologically fucked at birth by being born a Sagittarius. 


I've been keeping a "paint brush graveyard" in my studio.  All the brushes I've destroyed.  Brushes that are rock hard from drying while saturated in acrylic paint.  I just learned that soaking them in Murphy's Oil Soap will bring them back to life.  I simply didn't believe it would work.... but the proof is in the photo below.  The brushes are like new. Mind Blown!



Finally started adding my signature to the front of my acrylic paintings.  This doesn't mean I like doing it. Why ruin a painting with chicken scratch?  I don't get it, but it seems to be the rage. 


The wax provides such yummy texture on my paintings.  Everybody wants to touch them.  


The paintings look so great on the wall.  Hanging them up on the 24' wall... is not fun.  


Close up of my favorite painting:  Venus in Scorpio.  This is the only self-portrait I've ever done. And yes, my boobs are lopsided because my Mastiff used to nap on them. 


Acrylic paintings patiently waiting to be varnished. Next to updating my web site, varnishing is my least favorite activity.


I can't even believe this has become a fashion trend. I get complimented on my jeans all the time.  And people are actually paying for paint covered pants.  I'm going to shellac my wardrobe onto canvases and start selling them as master pieces. 


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