Q: What is your refund policy?

A: You may return a painting for full refund within 10 days of receipt.  You pay for the return shipping. 

Q: How quickly does the painting ship?

A:  Usually within 24 hours.  If I'm out of town when I receive the order, I will reach out to let you know the date I will be shipping. The paintings are packaged by FedEx and shipped Ground delivery.   If you are local, you may opt to pick up the painting at my studio.

Q: How much are the shipping charges?

A:  I originally charged for shipping from the web site, but I have since decided not to apply shipping charges for paintings purchased from my online store. 

Q: What is the sales tax rate?

A:  NH does not have sales tax so no additional taxes will be applied during checkout.  

Q: Can I hang an encaustic or acrylic painting in direct sunlight?

A: Yes, but I don't recommend hanging any artwork in direct sunlight. Paint colors have different lightfastness: some colors are more likely to fade than others. Over time, watercolors and florescent acrylics can completely disappear in direct sunlight. It's just good practice to not place paintings in direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

Q: Will my encaustic painting melt?

A: Encaustics have a melting point of over 200 degrees.  I melt the wax with a heat gun or torch. Your house would have to be on fire for the painting to melt.  

Q: Are encaustic paintings fragile?

A: I wanted to know this as well so I left an 18" x 18" painting in my Jeep for a year.  It was an abstract with inches of thick wax.  Some of the layers were properly fused, some were not.  The painting was unwrapped flying around the back of the car.  My beloved puppies crawled all over it, took naps on it, and knocked it around.  

At one point, I put the painting in the front seat to get full sunlight on a ridiculously hot day.  The painting did get tacky.  If I had pressed my finger down I'm certain it would have left a mark.  

There are stories that encaustics can pop off a canvas in very cold weather.  We have that a lot in NH.... but I didn't experience any popping on my painting.  Despite the puppies best efforts, after a year there were only a few scratches on the sides of the painting from the puppies claws.  

Based on my experience, the wax is far more durable than I expected. Wax is used to protect boats and surf boards... so anything buried in a layer of wax is very well protected. 

Q: I prefer the high gloss finish on the acrylic paintings. Is it possible to use that varnish on the encaustics?

A: Yes. I'm happy to put a layer of varnish over any encaustic painting you wish to purchase.  It makes the colors pop and adds a wonderful shine.  I love it but I leave it up to the buyer of the painting to decide if they'd like varnish added to the encaustic paintings.  

Q:  What are you studio hours? 

A: My hours vary.  If you'd like to take a look at my newest work, just call 207-370-9562 to schedule an appointment.   My studio is located in Salmon Falls Mills in Rollinsford, NH.  It's an hour from Boston MA, Manchester NH and Portland ME.  20 minutes inland from Portsmouth NH.