Digital Nomad

I am in the process of moving. My house and studio are all packed up. It’s the first time in decades that I won’t be tied down so I’m going to embrace wanderlust for awhile. 

I currently do not have access to my physical art so I am unable sell/ship any of it. But I do have two crypto art projects available for sale on the ethereum blockchain:

Wild Women php collection (not yet released) 

Bliss 1/1 collection (not yet released)

Social Media

While I’m doing the digital nomad thing, you can find me on social media apps:

 @AlexM_Artist: NFT Twitter account where I post about nfts and gm with degens.

 @Lex_Mitchell: Normie Twitter account where I follow USA news and politics.

Lex.Mitchell: My rarely used FB account which I keep active because there are some great groups on that platform… especially for artists.

AlexMitchell_Artist: My sad, neglected Instagram account. Poor thing… I promise to love you more in the future.

Wild Woman pfp
This is one of twenty unique images in the Wild Women pfp collection.
Wild Woman pfp
Wild Woman hairstyle: Living The Dream
Wild Woman pfp
Wild Woman hairstyle: Chaos