About Alex

I’m inspired by love, sex, nature, controversy, fascinating theories, unconventional ideas; anything that engages my curious mind.

  • I love to paint with my fingers and put purple streaks in my hair.
  • When it comes to canvases and batches of wax, bigger is always better.
  • I am a perfectionist who loves imperfections in my art.
  • I laugh at myself and question my boundaries.
  • I look forward to earning the title “Crazy Dog Lady”
  • I paint and paint and paint.

Stuff that makes the galleries happy:



  • Be fearless
  • Fuck up
  • Dust off
  • Do it again


  • Simplicity
  • Movement
  • Color


I studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris, France and obtained my BFA from Maine College of Art. After college I moved to San Francisco where I designed graphics, web sites and software interfaces.  For over a dozen years, I worked for inspiring startup companies and soul sucking corporations.

Ultimately my love for tech could not compare to my passion for creating fine art.  After years of deliberation, I finally decided to ditch the California computer workstation for a New Hampshire art studio. 

My passion for bold saturated colors is evident in both my acrylic and encaustic paintings. With my background in interaction design, I can't help but focus on creating movement in my paintings. I also want my paintings to have a vibrant, provocative attitude. I achieve the desired look by utilizing layers of color and texture.   The painting titles reflect both the attitude of the painting and my irreverent sense of humor. 

My art studio is located in the Salmon Falls Mills in Rollinsford NH. Open Studios are held twice a year: the weekend before Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day. All other visits are scheduled by appointment.

Reach Out

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 6549
Portsmouth NH 03802

(207) 370-9562