About Alex

I’m inspired by love, nature, controversy, fascinating theories, unconventional ideas; anything that engages my curious mind.

  • I love to paint with my fingers and put purple streaks in my hair.
  • When it comes to canvases and batches of wax, bigger is always better.
  • I am a perfectionist who loves imperfections in my art.
  • I laugh at myself and question my boundaries.
  • I look forward to earning the title “Crazy Dog Lady”
  • I paint and paint and paint.

Stuff that makes the galleries happy:




  • Be fearless
  • Fuck up
  • Dust off
  • Do it again


  • Simplicity
  • Movement
  • Color


I studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris, France and obtained my BFA from Maine College of Art. After college I moved to San Francisco where I designed graphics, web sites and software interfaces.  For over a dozen years, I worked for inspiring startup companies and soul sucking corporations.

Ultimately my love for tech could not compare to my passion for creating fine art.  After years of deliberation, I finally decided to ditch the California computer workstation for a New Hampshire art studio. 

My passion for bold saturated colors is evident in both my acrylic and encaustic paintings. With my background in interaction design, I can't help but focus on creating movement in my paintings. I also want my paintings to have a vibrant, provocative attitude. I achieve the desired look by utilizing layers of color and texture.   The painting titles reflect both the attitude of the painting and my irreverent sense of humor.